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Not all LEDs are the same - Experience Life in TrueColor®

Multi-Family, Residential & Hospitality Lighting
Multi-Family, Residential & Hospitality
Billboard & Signage Lighting
Commercial, Outdoor & Signage

Innovative TrueColor® solid-state lighting technology, from CLEANLIFE® LED, features precise color temperature control (CCT), increased color consistency and stability, and high color rendition (CRI) as a result of a rigorous binning processes utilizing only premium quality, high efficacy, licensed white LED chips that are packaged under strict quality control standards.

LED Lighting

Affordable + Reliable + Stylish LED

CLEANLIFE® is leading the industry with affordable LED lighting fixtures and LED bulbs for consumers, OEM's, and lighting professionals. Known for its reliable LED technology, stylish designs, excellent value, and superb customer service, the company serves customers throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and has recently expanded to international markets.