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CLEANLIFE® believes you should feel safe and protected and our proprietary UVC technology does just that. Our specially-designed, scientifically-proven UVC light safely removes up to 99.9%* of surface virus and bacteria, serving as an essential tool to protect you against invisible germs. Unlike liquid chemical disinfectant, it requires no material expense and leaves no residue.

Safely Removes 99.9 percent of bacteria

Powerful Sanitization + Chemical-Free + Eco-Friendly

With versatile UVC light options for your cell phone, or even a specific area, CLEANLIFE® merges innovation and quality with affordability for you and your family. A business built on the cleanest, most energy efficient UVC technology, CLEANLIFE® has grown to encompass a wide range of products that keep us and the environment clean.

Effective + Safe

Certified through four different tests, and verified by independent testing labs, we achieve a microbial kill rate of more than 99.9%*. CLEANLIFE® UVC products are safe, effective, and manufactured with the highest quality standards.

A Convenient Solution

UVC light sanitizes surfaces without the use of chemicals by scrambling the genetic code of the pathogens through its short wavelength and high-energy output. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), "The entire UV spectrum can kill or inactivate many microorganisms, but UVC energy provides the most germicidal effect."

*Based on 3rd party test results. Please read the included instruction manual before use.