CLEANLIFE makes donations of PPE as part of new product introduction

by Agency Developer on July 10, 2020

In an effort to recognize the importance of providing PPE to those in need and to kick off the sale of a new line of PPE kits to businesses and consumers, CLEANLIFE® LLC has made a donation of kits and supplies to local shelters and non-profits serving women and families in need.

CLEANLIFE marketing representatives Rick Solomon, Liz LeDonne and Gabriela Miniello dropped off 100 PPE kits containing hand sanitizer, disposable masks, a KN95 mask, hand wipes and nitrile gloves to the Norma Herr Women's Shelter and the Zelma George Family Center located in Cleveland.  Both locations serve those trying to get back into productive roles in society.  In addition, the company donated hand sanitizer and 3-ply masks to FARE-Cle, an organization that provides transportation to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Jon Koslo, VP and General Manager of CLEANLIFE noted, "We recognize that not everyone has easy access to the masks and other necessary PPE required to keep people safe from Covid-19.  The virus knows no boundaries.  We also felt it was a great way to promote our new kits and the importance of PPE in general.  Masks save lives!" 

Deborah Picker of FARE-Cle noted, "[The] donation provides the lasting gift of independence and empowerment for the users of FARE-Cle services."

Providing the kits in a handy box makes is easier to store and maintain the PPE.  The company is selling similar "Welcome Back" kits to the businesses and schools to be given to employees and students as a sign of appreciation.  The CDC recommends everyone to wear masks, wash hands and practice social distancing. 

For more information or to purchase PPE kits, check out the website or call 1-800-316-2532.

CLEANLIFE LLC is an FDA registered distributor of PPE, and Cleanlife LED is a supplier of energy efficient LED lighting.