CLEANLIFE® Named to Gartner's Top 60 Smartest Companies Thriving Post Pandemic

by Andrew Borgen on January 28, 2022

CLEVELAND, Jan. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- CLEANLIFE®, a leading provider of highly customized LED lighting solutions and smart home technology, has been named to Gartner's list of 60 smartest companies thriving in the post pandemic world.

Gartner, a leading research and consulting firm, recently recognized CLEANLIFE® as one of the 60 smartest companies adjusting to the new global economy.
Gartner, a leading research and consulting firm, recently recognized CLEANLIFE® as one of the 60 smartest companies adjusting to the new global economy.

Gartner is a world-renowned technology research and consulting company located in Stamford, Connecticut. According to the report, "During the pandemic, as home offices and remote development become the order of the day, companies have taken swift action to seek breakthroughs with new technologies to foster the next driver of growth."

Furthermore, "In order to fight the pandemic, people are spending an increasing amount of money on contact-free smart devices like smart lights and smart speakers. Smart security products and air cleaning products, such as air purifiers and fresh air systems, have gained greater popularity in particular."

CLEANLIFE® has been at the forefront of with several innovations around Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controlled flexible LED strips, light panels, smart bulbs and other lighting products created to work with its smart lighting app. Along with the benefits of contact free control, smart products also allow the consumer to personalize their experience whether it is mood lighting, temperature setting or any of the other appliances controlled from the app on their phone.

Additionally, CLEANLIFE® helped develop and manufacture the UVC PureLight 360™️ to create safe and clean spaces using innovative UVC light disinfection technology. USA 3rd party testing shows that the UVC PureLight 360™️ eliminates >99.9% of virus and bacteria in 3.5 to 10 minutes in up to a 900 square foot room. The device is controlled by an app that allows the operator in charge to start and stop the disinfecting process without being exposed to the disinfecting UVC light.

Justin Miller, the CEO of CLEANLIFE®, noted," We are honored to make this Top 60 list from Gartner along with some of the most recognizable brands from around the world. It shows our commitment to smart, safe and healthy lighting products and we're excited to see what the future brings as we are just scratching the surface of these new technologies."


Founded in 2011 in Cleveland, Ohio, CLEANLIFE® is focused on "Finding a Better Way™" to manufacture and distribute LED, UVC and PPE products. Our IoT division, CLEANLIFE® Smart, has partnered with Tuya Smart to develop connected lighting technologies that create productive, comfortable and healthy living environments. CLEANLIFE® Smart Lighting products allow consumers to control lighting and other aspects of their home with their smart devices for a truly personalized lighting experience.

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