CLEANLIFE® Protects Healthcare Workers and Consumers with N95 Masks In Support of 100-Day Mask Mandate

by Andrew Borgen on February 12, 2021

CLEVELAND, Ohio, Feb. 10, 2021 -- In 2020, CLEANLIFE® LLC began providing PPE as a way to support customers and employees during the early phases of the Coronavirus pandemic. Almost a year later, CLEANLIFE® continues to provide N95 masks to individuals and healthcare facilities and is in full support of the new administration's 100-day mask mandate to help curb the spread of Covid-19.

N95 masks from Champak provide safety and unmatched comfort and breathability for everyday use during these difficult times.
N95 masks from Champak provide safety and unmatched comfort and breathability for everyday use during these difficult times.

The mandate covers federal workers and facilities but also includes a section encouraging all Americans to participate in mask wearing in order to slow the spread of this virus. As a result of this mandate, Justin Miller, Founder and CEO of CLEANLIFE®, has committed to continuing to supply N95 masks thought the pandemic.

The company has been working with Champak Enterprises in Taiwan to provide the N95 masks to local nursing homes, VA facilities and other healthcare locations across North America. "We are fortunate to have a great relationship with our partner Champak. They have stepped up production and continue to supply us masks every few weeks as needed. It's worked out well for our customers and consumers buying through our website,," Miller remarked.

Champak's N95 respirators are NIOSH approved and ergonomically designed to enhance breathability for comfort. They also include adjustable head straps that make for a perfect fit. Natalie Lin of Champak noted, "With more than 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing high quality face masks, we are proud to provide the support you need to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Working with Justin and the CLEANLIFE® team has been positive for both companies."

89% of reviews on CLEANLIFE®'s website give the masks a 5-star rating. Most recently, a customer commented "These masks are amazing. This is the first N95 mask that is actually comfortable. I'm a nurse and have been wearing them everyday at work and I work 12 hour shifts. All of my coworkers love these as well. I will be ordering more and several of my coworkers plan on ordering them as well. They are expensive but it's worth it to be comfortable for our 12 hour shift."

Founded in 2011 in Cleveland, CLEANLIFE® LLC is all about finding a better way™ to manufacture and distribute products that protect people and the environment. For more information or to purchase PPE product, check out the company's website at, email or call 1-800-316-2532.