Residential LED
Lighting System

led light fixture in a kitchen of a modern home

Class 2 DC-Powered Low-Voltage Lighting System

The CLEANLIFE® system converts 120VAC to 24VDC for the entire system, saving you time, money and providing easier maintenance access.

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Additional Features of the CLEANLIFE®
Class 2 Low-Voltage LED Lighting System

Safe & Effective

Low-voltage LED lighting systems have a lower current flow, reducing the risk of electric shock and eliminating failure points.

Energy Efficient

Low-voltage LED systems consume less energy and convert more power into light than traditional line-voltage systems.

Smart Technology

Low-voltage LED fixtures are more easily integrated into a unified ecosystem of electronic components.

Superior Fixture Design

Enabling more customized designs, smoother dimming capabilities and seamless integration with wireless control systems.

Low Heat Contributions

Low-voltage systems utilize an external LED Driver (Power Supply), therefore emitting less heat than line-voltage systems.

Long Lifetime

Low-voltage lighting systems have a significantly longer lifetime than traditional line-voltage systems as they emit less heat.


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